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October 17 2017

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New York, 1931.
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Życie jest po to, by je przeżywać i kiedy dostajesz szansę, aby doświadczać niesamowitych rzeczy z niezwykłą osobą, nie istnieje ani jeden powód na tym świecie, by powiedzieć nie.
— Amber L. Johnson, Puddle Jumping
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          Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea
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daintonight: Gifs from Loving Vincent - finally coming out today!!

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Did you know?

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He acknowledged the evolution theory as well btw.

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STOP SCROLLING!!!!! is Ur WiFi on?

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October 11 2017

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Installed in the year 1410, this 600 year old clock in the city of Prague is the World’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

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Goodest chilled doggo on an adventure
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Peaceful Landscape Photography by Davide Sasso

Keep reading

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Yeah, I don’t think all of it is going to happen

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